Yes Prime Minister

Venue: Swan Theatre
Dates: 26th to 29th February 2020
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Yes Prime Mnister is a very funny thought-provoking political satire based on the successful television series that captured the political consciousness of the nation.

The original writers have reunited to produce an up-to-date play for the stage in which the Prime Minister, Jim Hacker tries to deal with such problems as immigration, sex-trafficking, energy, Europe and sleaze, aided or hindered by his civil servants.

Written by Anthony Jay and Jonathan Lynn
Directed by Paul Bellamy

“ Left me crying with laughter... the piece achieves one of those blissful peaks of great farce when it becomes physically impossible to stop laughing ... a smash hit if ever I saw one.” Charles Spencer “Daily Telegraph”.

“Hilarious... Almost every line of this vivacious play challenges the audience to think against received opinion.” John Laht “The New Yorker”