Bazaar and Rummage

Venue: Swan Theatre (Vesta Tilley Studio)
Dates: 25th to 29th August 2020
Time: 7:45PM
Tickets: £11 (£10 concessions)
Parties: Buy 10 tickets and get the 11th free

Bazaar and Rummage is a witty and sometimes moving comedy which highlights the serious social problems that come with agoraphobia. The play brings together five agoraphobics who have been persuaded to venture out of their homes to run a jumble sale.
Sue Townsend has drawn real women, not stereotypes and infused her script with sharply-observed humour. She once suffered from agoraphobia for three weeks and during that time it forced her to act in the most ridiculous fashion. It was caused by her hating where she lived. The answer was to move and as soon as she made that decision she was cured. All agoraphobics suffer great anxiety at the thought of going out. It is very sad but most sufferers can and will laugh about their experiences.

Written by Sue Townsend
Directed by Jason Moseley