Agnes of God

Venue: Swan Theatre (Vesta Tilley Studio)
Dates: 21st to 25th April 2020
Time: 7:45PM

Agnes of God is a play based on a true story as reported in The New York Times in 1972. It concerns a psychologist, Martha Livingstone, who is sent to a convent to assess whether or not a young novitiate, Agnes, is sane or not. Agnes has been accused of murdering a new-born baby found in a wastepaper basket in her room at the convent.

Both Agnes and the Mother Superior, Miriam Ruth, maintain that the child was the product of immaculate-conception and that Agnes is an example of an earthly miracle. Dr. Livingstone, however, is an atheist brought up as a Catholic but lapsed in her belief because of life-events. The play follows Martha Livingstone's investigation of Agnes, culminating in a session of hypnosis that reveals some awful truths.

Written by John Pielmeier
Directed by Marc Dugmore