Neighbourhood Watch
Dates:  Wednesday 21st to Saturday 24th February 2018
Venue:  Swan Theatre

At a service to open a garden in memory of her late brother, Martin, Hilda delivers a eulogy to him.

Flashback four months to Hilda and Martin holding a house-warming for the residents of the Bluebell Hill Development. As Martin checks on his gnome and Hilda's statue of Jesus in the garden, he unsuccessfully attempts to apprehend a trespassing youth.

Martin forms a neighbourhood watch group but the first meeting is interrupted when, in retaliation, his gnome is thrown through the window. Martin and the committee declare war.

Martin is ultimately made a martyr of the neighbourhood watch cause. Hilda, now at the helm, unveils a tribute to him at the memorial.

Author:  Alan Ayckbourn
Director:  Marc Dugmore