Brief Encounter
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Dates:  Tuesday 10th to Saturday 14th February 2015
Venue:  Swan Theatre

Synopsis:Emma Rice loves romance and folk tales and has embraced her passion for these in melding the Noel Coward play Still Life and the 1938 film Brief Encounter in this clever and humorous adaptation.

The amorous liaison between Alec and Laura begins with him removing grit from her eye in a railway station refreshment bar. In 1938 this relationship was much more difficult to undertake than it would be today. Both are married with children, and while we never get to know much about Alec's married relationship, there's no doubt that Laura's marriage to Fred has lost its spark - if it ever had one.

We also meet two other couples from a lower social standing, who don't have similar complications to the ill-fated central characters. There's the effervescent Beryl and the oafish Stanley (thwarted by Beryl's sick mother) and Myrtle and Albert who take things slowly and show a little more propriety.

Author:  Noel Coward
Adapted By:  Emma Rice
Director:  Janet Bright