Funny Money
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Dates:  Tuesday 14th to Saturday 18th May 2013
Venue:  Swan Theatre

Synopsis:  Henry Perkins is a mild mannered accountant who comes into a small fortune by accident and when you find a fortune the chances are someone has lost it, in this case Mr Nasty. That problem is solved when Mr Nasty is found with two new ventilation holes in his head, thanks to a mysterious and very foreign Mr Big who then takes on the duties of getting the missing money back.

Enter a bent copper, charges of soliciting in the gents of the local boozer, a straight copper investigating the death of Mr Nasty, who he thinks is Henry, two friends who double up as brothers, sisters, in−laws and anyone else, wife swapping and a taxi driver who finds his intended passengers and destinations change by the minute − and finds his taxi in two accidents without going anywhere.

Author:  Ray Cooney
Director:  Sue Smith