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Dates:  Tuesday 9th to Saturday 13th November 2010
Venue:  Swan Theatre

Synopsis:  The action takes place over four days during the first world war. Set in the officers' dugout in Saint'Quentin, Aisne this beautiful and moving play gives an insight into the lives of those who served in the Great War.

The young Captain Stanhope has a strong sense of duty which he instills in the other officers despite turning to drink to deal with the horror of the war. Into the company comes Second Lieutenant Raleigh, fresh from school, naive but keen and in love with Stanhope's sister. It turns out that Raleigh knew Stanhope at school. Raleigh admits to having asked to be sent to Stanhope's company not having realised that the experiences of war will have changed his friend dramatically.

Officer Hibbert is complaining of neuralgia but is he faking it in order to get sent home? Second Lieutenant Trotter is counting down the hours till he can leave the front line by filling in circles on paper.

Private Mason (a cook) brings a touch of humour to the play with his lack of care regarding ingredients and quality of food.

We hear of how the german army assisted the allies in rescuing a wounded comrade and see the terror of a german taken prisoner and brought into the dugout.

The action ends on 21st March 1918 with the events of Operation Michael.

Author:  RC Sherriff
Director:  Simon Atkins