Night Must Fall
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Dates:  Tuesday 7th to Saturday 11th July 2009
Venue:  Swan Theatre

Synopsis:  Mrs Bramson is a stingy, self pitying elderly woman. She lives in a house in the English woods with here niece Olivia, Dora the maid and Mrs Terrence the cook. Inspector Belsize turns up at the house making enquiries about a missing woman.

Along comes Danny (father of the child it transpires that Dora is carrying). Mrs Bramson, hires Danny to be her live−in personal attendant. Olivia is suspicious but at the same time attracted to him. Her suspicions are further aroused when she finds among his possessions a photograph of the missing woman and dreads to think what may be contained in Danny's hat box after the body is found with no head.

Author:  Emlyn Williams
Director:  Angela Lanyon